Criminal Investigations, Litigation, & Defense

Criminal Investigations, Litigation, & Defense

Our firm represents businesses and individuals, whether the victim or the accused, in a wide spectrum of investigations and litigation. Services for criminal defense, before or after charges are filed, range from white-collar crimes, including representation of corporations and their officers and directors, to misdemeanor and DUI cases. Victim representation includes businesses and individuals who have been defrauded or otherwise victimized by companies or persons who are the subject of civil or criminal prosecutions. The attorneys in this department include, Alexander Poulos, a former Organized Crime and Homicide Prosecutor. Alex provides the necessary knowledge of and experience with the state and federal courts, and prosecuting and law enforcement agencies. He also is experienced in representing clients in high profile cases, including political corruption and vehicular crimes and equally is able to discreetly yet effectively represent clients in cases where publicity may be harmful.


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