Land Use and Zoning

Land Use and Zoning

Being in business inevitably requires working with government. Our firm has the experience and relationships necessary to effectively work with all government sector employees and elected officials at the city, state, county, and federal levels. Our team relies on their many years of government experience to help navigate the halls of local government to ensure your project seeks approval in the most timely and efficient manner.

A substantial part of our firm's government relations work involves zoning and other land use issues affecting real property including those listed below. But the need for government relations services on the part of land owners frequently goes beyond the need for zoning work and may involve such areas as flood plain modifications, signage approvals, infrastructure planning and location, and obtaining permits and approvals from State, County and local departments and agencies.  We also deal with a variety of administrative and regulatory bodies closely affecting our clients' businesses, including the representation of regulated industries and utilities before the Arizona Corporation Commission.

• General and Comprehensive Plan Amendments
• Zoning Analysis
• Due Diligence and Site Selection
• Rezoning
• Variances and Use Permits
• Development Agreements
• Design and Development Review
• Building Permit / Engineering Support
• Subdivision Plats
• Easements and Rights-of-Way
• Private Covenants and Restrictions
• Government Lobbying and Procurement
• Public and Private Utility
• Liquor Licenses


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