Tiffany & Bosco is pleased to debut its Aviation Practice group, headed by Shareholder Brett M. Hager.  Brett is a licensed pilot and civil litigation attorney who practices in the areas of aviation law (including both aviation accidents and aviation-related commercial disputes and transactions), personal injury and wrongful death, and business divorce.  Brett accepts cases on both hourly and contingency arrangements.  Brett holds his Private Pilot certificate, and is a member of both AOPA (Airplane Owners and Pilots Association) and the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association (LPBA). 

The pursuit of aviation carries extraordinary risks and demands.  Mr. Hager's experience and enthusiasm as a pilot help him understand and navigate the turbulence.  For example, owning and maintaining an airplane or other aircraft can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.  Sometimes an aircraft is not maintained or repaired correctly (such as a missed Airworthiness Directive, for example), with the result ranging from improper repair charges to a crash. 

On the other hand, operating an FBO or aviation repair station has its own challenges, from business and regulatory considerations to getting paid by clients.  For a pilot, simply maintaining currency and proper ratings can be a challenge.  For an instructor or other aviation professional, there may no doubt be employment and contractual questions.

On the far end of the spectrum, aviation accidents are typically catastrophic, and place significant strains, both personally and financially, on all concerned.  The families of aviation accident victims are often overwhelmed with the administrative investigation, which can last years and leave the survivors with more questions than answers.  Mr. Hager brings his knowledge and experience to bear to bridge that gap.

Mr. Hager handles all manner of aviation cases, both for the defense and for the plaintiff, from repair disputes between aircraft owners and FBOs, to personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of aviation accidents.  He has the requisite technical understanding, and the ability to staff his aviation cases with the best experts in their respective fields.

Mr. Hager also has the experience and know-how to evaluate employer liability issues for business flights, insurance issues (including coverage disputes), worker's compensation, governmental liability (including as to claims of air traffic control negligence), and other issues.

A sampling of Brett’s aviation cases include fatal mid-air collisions, fatal powerline strike, fatal in-flight wing separation, fatal impact with terrain during a solo training flight in marginal weather, fatal crash of a Beechcraft B100 by an unlicensed pilot, fatal loss of power during an experimental-aircraft flight, non-fatal engine failure within two hours of overhaul, municipal regulations with adverse impacts on an airport manager, damage to aircraft avionics and communications during an annual inspection, corrosion to a business jet caused by improper stripping and painting techniques, failure of a tire on the takeoff roll of a business jet departing for a transatlantic flight, missed Airworthiness Directives and other such errors and omissions during pre-buy inspections, negligent aviation-insurance brokering, and related matters.

Whether the case involves a Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Diamond, Cirrus, Lancair, Dessault, Hawker, Learjet, Bell, Boeing, Taylorcraft, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Robinson, McDonnell Douglas, Fairchild, or even a homebuilt or other experimental aircraft, and whether it is a single engine, twin engine, piston, jet, land, seaplane, or helicopter, Mr. Hager would like to offer his assistance in evaluating your case.


Brett M Hager


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